California Gold Rush Mining Towns Photographed by Alma Lavenson, 1930-1968

Processed by Chris McDonald.
The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720-6000

California Gold Rush Mining Towns Photographed by Alma Lavenson, 1930-1968

BANC PIC 1987.021 -- PIC

The Bancroft Library

University of California

Berkeley, California 1996
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Collection Summary

Collection Title: California Gold Rush Mining Towns Photographed by Alma Lavenson,
Date: 1930-1968
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1987.021--PIC
Extent: 373 photographic prints, 21 x 26 cm. or smaller. 367 digital objects
Photographer: Alma Lavenson
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The California Gold Rush Mining Towns collection was received as a gift from Alma Lavenson Wahrhaftig in 1987.


Alma Lavenson was born in San Francisco in 1897, the daughter of a successful dry-goods businessman. After the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906, the Lavenson family moved across the Bay to Oakland. At some point before she entered the University of California at Berkeley, where she would study psychology, Alma Lavenson began to practice photography with a small, folding Kodak camera, which she initially used for snapshots of family and friends. After several years of self-directed study in the pictorialist tradition, her Zion Canyon photograph "The Light Beyond" --the first she had ever submitted for publication --was chosen to appear on the cover of the December 1927 issue of Photo-Era magazine. Similar successes were soon to follow, all acknowledging her formalist approach to landscapes and occasional genre portraits and architectural subjects. Around 1929 Lavenson began to incorporate industrial and urban subjects into her work, exploring the abstract shapes and patterns suggested in their surfaces.
Around 1930, Lavenson made the acquaintances of Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, and Conseulo Kanaga. She and Cunningham would remain friends until Cunningham's death in 1976. At the encouragement of Weston, Lavenson abandoned her pictorialist approach to photography and began to develop a sharper, more tightly composed and austere style. Also at this time, Lavenson began to photograph in the Mother Lode region of California, concentrating on the architecture, mining equipment and landscape features remaining from the Gold Rush era.
In 1932 Alma Lavenson's work appeared in three important exhibits at San Francisco's M.H. De Young Museum. The first exhibit was "A Showing of Hands," which included Lavenson's "Hands of an Etcher." The second was for a contest of photographs of California trees, in which her "Tree in Winter" received second prize (after the winning photograph by Weston). The third and most important exhibit was the watershed "visual manifesto" produced by the newly formed Group f/64, which included Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, John Paul Edwards, Sonia Noskowiak and Henry Swift, as well as other invited photographers, and which sought to rigorously explore the potentials of "straight" photography.
In 1933 Alma Lavenson married the lawyer Matt Wahrhaftig and moved to nearby Piedmont. Her pursuit of photography gradually declined after this point, though she would continue to practice through the 1960s, primarily during her travels abroad. Unlike her contemporaries, Lavenson never considered photography her livelihood, nor did she pursue her practice to such an extent as did, for example, Cunningham, Weston or Adams. "For me," she said in 1978, "photography was just a small part of my life." Alma Lavenson died in 1989.
(Source: Fuller, Patricia Gleason, text to Alma Lavenson (exhibit catalog), Riverside, CA: The California Museum of Photography, c1979.)

Scope and Content

The California Gold Rush Mining Towns collection contains 373 photographs taken between 1930 and 1968 by Alma Lavenson. The collection consists of views of several of the towns and camps of the Mother Lode region --the area located roughly between Georgetown and Mariposa --which was heavily mined for its great quantities of gold-bearing quartz. Approximately 60 communities which originally developed during the Gold Rush period following 1848 are represented in the collection. Many of these communities were apparently nearly-abandoned by the time of Lavenson's visits. The towns range from more well-known areas such as Nevada City, Grass Valley, Columbia, North San Juan and Coloma, to smaller, more obscure areas such as Rough and Ready, Copperopolis, Goodyear's Bar, Fiddletown and Timbuctoo. Especially featured in the collection are Gold-Rush-era structures such as hotels, residences, stores, restaurants, banks, churches, post offices, and jails, as well as cemeteries, farms and mining developments. Many street scenes feature storefront architecture remaining from the Gold Rush period.
Other notable features of the collection include photographs of the homes of Lola Montez and Bret Harte, a replica of the cabin of Mark Twain, the Hangman's Tree of Second Garotte, and several buildings used by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Native Sons of the Golden West, and Wells, Fargo and Co.
The collection is arranged by town, in alphabetical order. The photographs are captioned in manuscript, usually indicating location, date and photographer. Duplicates exist for some of the photographs.

Container Listing



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:1--PIC Allegheny [i.e. Alleghany]. 1954.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:2--PIC Prince & Garabardi [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Iron Balcony. Altaville. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:3--PIC P & G [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Altaville. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:4--PIC P & G [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Altaville. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:5--PIC P & G [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Rear -- showing original stone structure. Altaville. 1957.


Amador City

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:6--PIC Mine near Amador City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:7--PIC Gold Mine. Amador City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:8--PIC Imperial Hotel. Amador City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:9--PIC [Imperial Hotel, from porch of unidentified building.] Amador City. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:10--PIC Amador Hotel. Amador City. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:11--PIC Amador Hotel. Amador City. 1963


Angels Camp

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:12--PIC [Street scene.] Angels Camp. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:13--PIC Church [Serbian Church]. Angels Camp. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:14--PIC Back Street II. Angels Camp. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:15--PIC Wheel [water-wheel]. Near Angels Camp. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:16--PIC Back Street I. Angels Camp. 1957.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:17--PIC Orleans Hotel. Auburn. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:18--PIC Hay & feed store. Auburn. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:19--PIC Rear of fire house. Auburn. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:20--PIC Fire house. Auburn. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:21--PIC Fire house. Auburn. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:22--PIC Fire house. Auburn. 1949.


Bear Valley

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:23--PIC Brick and adobe wall. Bear Valley. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:24--PIC Oso House. Bear Valley. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:25--PIC Pendola Store. Bear Valley. 1940.


Butte City

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:26--PIC Butte Store. Butte City. 1956.


BANC PIC 1987.021:27--PIC [Butte Store.] Butte City. 1956.


Byrnes Ferry

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:28--PIC Covered Bridge. Byrnes Ferry. 1949.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:29--PIC Hotel Francis. Camptonville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:30--PIC Graves near Camptonville. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:31--PIC [Hotel Francis.] Camptonville. 1950.


Chinese Camp

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:32--PIC Organ in church. Chinese Camp. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:33--PIC Church. Chinese Camp. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:34--PIC [Church.] Chinese Camp. 1939-19? Not vintage.


BANC PIC 1987.021:35--PIC [Post office. Cf. 37, 38.] Chinese Camp. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:36--PIC Chinese Camp. Detail of brick bldg. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:37--PIC Post Office. Chinese Camp. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:38--PIC Post office. Chinese Camp, 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:39--PIC [Gravestone in churchyard.] Chinese Camp. 1939.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:40--PIC Church. Clinton. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:41--PIC [Houses along street.] Clinton. 1939.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:42--PIC Jail. Coloma. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:43--PIC [Unidentified man.] Coloma. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:44--PIC Jail. Coloma. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:45--PIC Rob't [i.e. Robert] Bell's Store. Coloma. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:46--PIC Rob't [i.e. Robert] Bell's Store. Coloma. 1949. [Duplicate of 47.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:47--PIC Rob't [i.e. Robert] Bell's Store. Coloma. [1949. Duplicate of 46.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:48--PIC Old cabin. Coloma. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:49--PIC Beakart's [i.e. Bekeart's] Store. Coloma. 1968.


Bayley House. Near Coloma. 1968.


BANC PIC 1987.021:50--PIC Bayley House. Near Coloma. 1968.


BANC PIC 1987.021:51--PIC Bayley House. Near Coloma. 1968.


BANC PIC 1987.021:52--PIC Bayley House, nr. Coloma. 1968.


Robert Bell's Store. Coloma, 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:53--PIC Robert Bell's Store. Coloma. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:54--PIC Robert Bell's Store. Coloma. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:55--PIC [Street scene.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:56--PIC [Street scene.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:57--PIC Bldg. w. dried vines. Columbia. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:58--PIC Old pioneer saloon. Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:59--PIC [Storefronts.] Columbia. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:60--PIC [Side of brick building.] Columbia. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:61--PIC Iron balcony. Next to firehouse. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:62--PIC Fire house. [Columbia.] 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:63--PIC Wells Fargo Bldg. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:64--PIC Balcony of Wells Fargo Bldg. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:65--PIC Columbia. Wells Fargo Bldg. & Stage Driver's Retreat. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:66--PIC Church. Chinese Camp. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:67--PIC Chinese store. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:68--PIC Wells Fargo Bldg. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:69--PIC Columbia. 1940. [Gravestone.] [Duplicate of 76.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:70--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:71--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:72--PIC Graveyard. Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:73--PIC [Graveyard.] Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:74--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:75--PIC [Detail of gravestone.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:76--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1940. [Duplicate of 69.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:77--PIC [Stage Driver's Retreat, saloon and billiard hall.] Columbia. 1936.


Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:78--PIC Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:79--PIC Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:80--PIC "Modernized" sign (ugh!). [Stage Drivers Retreat. Cf. 77-79.] Columbia. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:81--PIC Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:82--PIC St. Anne's Church, Columbia. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:83--PIC St. Anne's Church. Columbia. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:84--PIC St. Anne's Church. Columbia. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:85--PIC St. Anne's [Church]. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:86--PIC "Antiques." Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:87--PIC [Post office.] Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:88--PIC [Post office.] Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:89--PIC [Post office.] Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:90--PIC Old Audy. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:91--PIC Ruins of Brewery. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:92--PIC Entrance to the Cemetery. Columbia. 1965.


BANC PIC 1987.021:93--PIC School house. Columbia. 1965.


BANC PIC 1987.021:94--PIC Fallon House. Columbia. 1947.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:95--PIC Hotel. Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:96--PIC [Buildings along street.] Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:97--PIC [Unidentified buildings.] Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:98--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:99--PIC Odd Fellows Hall. Copperopolis. 1949.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:100--PIC [Street scene.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:101--PIC [Unidentified buildings.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:102--PIC [Abandoned grocery store.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:103--PIC [Locomotive on display.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:104--PIC [Sun Sun Wo Co. store.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:105--PIC Coulterville Market & fire bell. Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:106--PIC [Coulterville Market and Coulterville Lodge.] Coulterville. 1950.


Diamond Springs

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:107--PIC [Unidentified building.] Diamond Springs. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:108--PIC [Gravestone.] Diamond Springs. 1949.


Douglas Flat

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:109--PIC Gilleado Bldg. (restored). Douglas Flat. 1957.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:110--PIC Sunday School (old butcher shop). Drytown. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:111--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Drytown. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:112--PIC [Unidentified waterway. Downie River?] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:113--PIC [Unidentified waterway. Downie River?] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:114--PIC [View of town from hillside.] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:115--PIC [Independent Order of Odd Fellows building.] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:116--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:117--PIC Catholic Church. Downieville. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:118--PIC Replica of vault of old court house. Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:119--PIC Courthouse. Downieville. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:120--PIC Museum & street. Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:121--PIC Mountain Messenger office & bridge. [Downieville.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:122--PIC [Men outside of St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:123--PIC [St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:124--PIC St. Charles Hotel. Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:125--PIC [St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:126--PIC [St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1934.


Dutch Flat

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:127--PIC [Unidentified Victorian residence.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 128.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:128--PIC Dutch Flat. 1939. [Unidentified Victorian residence.] [Duplicate of 127.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:129--PIC [Unidentified Victorian residence.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 137 and 138.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:130--PIC [Main Street. Independent Order of Odd Fellows building far left.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 134 and 135.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:131--PIC Hotel, Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 133.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:132--PIC [Dutch Flat Market.] Dutch Flat. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:133--PIC Hotel. Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 131.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:134--PIC [Main Street. Independent Order of Odd Fellows building far left.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 130 and 135.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:135--PIC [Main Street. 1939. Independent Order of Odd Fellows building far left.] Dutch Flat. [Duplicate of 130 and 134.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:136--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Dutch Flat. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:137--PIC Dutch Flat. 1939. [Unidentified Victorian residence.] [Duplicate of 129 and 138.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:138--PIC Dutch Flat. 1939. [Unidentified Victorian residence.] [Duplicate of 129 and 137.]


El Dorado

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:139--PIC [Ruins of bank, store and office building.] El Dorado. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:140--PIC [Doorway. Ruins of bank, store and office building.] El Dorado. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:141--PIC Hill Hotel. El Dorado. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:142--PIC [Unidentified building.] El Dorado. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:143--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] El Dorado. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:144--PIC [Ruins of bank, store and office building.] El Dorado. 1947.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:145--PIC Fiddletown. Assay Office. 1967. (Authentic?)


BANC PIC 1987.021:146--PIC Schallenhorn's [i.e. Schallhorn's] Shop. Fiddletown. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:147--PIC Schallenhorn's [i.e. Schallhorn's] Blacksmith Shop. Fiddletown. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:148--PIC Grave near Fiddletown. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:149--PIC Chinese adobe. Fiddletown. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:150--PIC Chinese adobe detail. 1957. [Fiddletown.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:151--PIC Fiddletown. Chinese adobe detail. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:152--PIC Fiddletown. Chinese adobe detail. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:153--PIC "Home Sweet Home." [Porch of unidentified residence.] Fiddletown. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:154--PIC Wooden house and children. [Fiddletown?] 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:155--PIC House & garden. Fiddletown. 1957.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:156--PIC [Store fronts.] Foresthill. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:157--PIC [Store fronts from across street.] Foresthill. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:158--PIC [General Store.] Foresthill. 1963.


Forest Home

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:159--PIC Hotel. Forest Home. 1949.


French Corral

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:160--PIC [Farm yard.] French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:161--PIC Farm. French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:162--PIC [Leah Stewart General Merchandise store, with gas pump.] French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:163--PIC Barn near French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:164--PIC [Unidentified building.] Near French Corral. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:165--PIC [Unidentified men outside of bar.] Folsom. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:166--PIC [Former Wells, Fargo & Co. Assay Office.] Folsom. 1948.


BANC PIC 1987.021:167--PIC [Former Wells, Fargo & Co. Assay Office.] Folsom. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:168--PIC [Unidentified men, outside White Bear Restaurant.] Folsom. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:169--PIC Hydraulics. Near Folsom. 1949.


Garden Valley

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:170--PIC [Ruins of unidentified building.] Garden Valley. 1949.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:171--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Georgetown. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:172--PIC [Gravestone.] Georgetown. 1949?


BANC PIC 1987.021:173--PIC Georgetown. 1963. [Street scene with girl on horse.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:174--PIC Georgetown Hotel. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:175--PIC Catholic Church. Georgetown. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:176--PIC Methodist Church. Georgetown. 1963.


Goodyear's Bar

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:177--PIC Stage Stop. Goodyear's Bar. 1954.


Grass Valley

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:178--PIC Mine. Grass Valley. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:179--PIC Mine in town. Grass Valley. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:180--PIC Tailings from a mine. Grass Valley.


BANC PIC 1987.021:181--PIC Lola Montez's Home. Grass Valley. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:182--PIC [Picket fence, unidentified residence.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:183--PIC [Church.] Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:184--PIC Ruins of Ghirardelli Bldg. Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:185--PIC [The Plaza.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:186--PIC [Store fronts of abandoned buildings.] Hornitos. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:187--PIC [Store fronts of abandoned buildings.] Hornitos. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:188--PIC [Native Sons of the Golden West building, formerly Wells Fargo office.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:189--PIC [Native Sons of the Golden West building, formerly Wells Fargo office.] Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:190--PIC Hornitos Hotel. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:191--PIC [Water trough, with tobacco advertisements.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:192--PIC [Ruins of restaurant.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:193--PIC [Unidentified residences.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:194--PIC [Street scene.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:195--PIC N.S.G.W. Bldg. Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:196--PIC [Doorway, ruins of unidentified building.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:197--PIC [Doorway, ruins of unidentified building.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:198--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:199--PIC [Detail of brick wall, unidentified structure.] Hornitos. 1950.



Box 2

Ione. Old Fellows Bldg. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:200--PIC Ione. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building.] Old Fellows Bldg. [sic] Ione. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:201--PIC Ione. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building.] Old Fellows Bldg. [sic] Ione. 1967.


Jackass Hill

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:202--PIC Replica of Mark Twain's cabin. Jackass Hill. 1947.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:203--PIC Water wheel. Jackson. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:204--PIC St. Savo's Church. Jackson.


BANC PIC 1987.021:205--PIC St. Savo's Church. Jackson.


BANC PIC 1987.021:206--PIC St. Savo's Church. Jackson. 1967.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:207--PIC [Buildings along street.] Jamestown. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:208--PIC [Emporium building.] Jamestown. 1946.


Jenny Lind

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:209--PIC [Ruins of unidentified building.] Jenny Lind. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:210--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Jennie Lind [i.e. Jenny Lind]. 1949.


Knight's Ferry

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:211--PIC Knight's Ferry. Jail door. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:212--PIC Knight's Ferry. Jail. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:213--PIC Tulloch Mill (Grist Mill). Knight's Ferry. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:214--PIC Old homes. Knight's Ferry. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:215--PIC Covered Bridge. Knight's Ferry. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:216--PIC Knight's Ferry. Covered Bridge. 1950.


Lake City

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:217--PIC Lake City. 1954. [Farm.]



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:218--PIC Store with Catalpa Tree. Lotus. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:219--PIC Lohry's store. Lotus. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:220--PIC Lohry's store. Lotus. 1949.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:221--PIC Court house. Mariposa. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:222--PIC Trabucco's Warehouse. Mariposa. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:223--PIC Trabucco Bldg. Mariposa. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:224--PIC Stone wall detail. Mariposa to Ben Hur. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:225--PIC Stone wall. Mariposa to Ben Hur. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:226--PIC Catholic Church. Mariposa. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:227--PIC Stone wall, from Mariposa to Ben Hur. Mariposa. 1950.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:228--PIC Remains of mine near Melones. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:229--PIC [Remains of mine.] Melones. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:230--PIC Mine near Melones. 1940.


Michigan Bluff

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:231--PIC Dixon home. Michigan Bluff.


Mokelumne Hill

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:232--PIC Leger Hotel. Mokelumne Hill. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:233--PIC Leger Hotel. Mokelumne Hill. 1957?


BANC PIC 1987.021:234--PIC Leger Hotel. Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:235--PIC Church. Mokelumne Hill. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:236--PIC [Store fronts.] Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:237--PIC Post office. Mokelumne Hill. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:238--PIC Old bldgs. Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:239--PIC Gen'l Mdse. Store. [C.G. Nuner General Merchandise store.] Mokelumne Hill. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:240--PIC L. Mayer & Son store. Mokelumne Hill. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:241--PIC Mokelumne Hill. 1933. [C.G. Nuner General Merchandise store.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:242--PIC [Farm.] Near Mokelumne Hill. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:243--PIC Mokelumne Hill. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:244--PIC Post office & adjoining bldg. Mokelumne Hill. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:245--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


Mt. Ophir

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:246--PIC Ruins of Trabucco store. Mt. Ophir. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:247--PIC Foundations of mint. Mt. Ophir. 1936.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:248--PIC Gravestone. Murphy's. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:249--PIC Thorpe's Bakery. Murphys. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:250--PIC [Row of porches.] Murphy's. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:251--PIC [Store front.] Murphys. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:252--PIC Side of Mitchler Hotel. [Murphys.] 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:253--PIC Mitchler Hotel. Murphys. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:254--PIC Murphy's Hotel. Formerly Mitchler Hotel. Murphy's. 1957.


Nevada City

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:255--PIC [Shuttered doorway. Unidentified residence.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:256--PIC Barn near Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:257--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Nevada City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:258--PIC Home built by Dr. R.M. Hunt on Nevada St. 1887. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:259--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:260--PIC Lamp post of old court house. Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:261--PIC "The Castle." Nevada City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:262--PIC [Spire, unidentified building.] Nevada City. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:263--PIC [Store fronts.] Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:264--PIC Balcony next to assay office. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:265--PIC Assay office. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:266--PIC Fire house, Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:267--PIC Firehouse. Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:268--PIC [Fire house.] Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:269--PIC Old Fire House, Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:270--PIC [Fire house, right.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:271--PIC Fire house. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:272--PIC Doorway with vines. Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:273--PIC [Building fronts.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:274--PIC Sing Lee Laundry. Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:275--PIC [Sing Lee Laundry.] Chinese laundry. Nevada City. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:276--PIC Fire house #2 and Broad Street. Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:277--PIC Firehouse #2. Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:278--PIC Union Hotel. Nevada City. 1938.


North Bloomfield

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:279--PIC Church door. No. [i.e. North] Bloomfield. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:280--PIC Wooden store. No. [i.e. North] Bloomfield. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:281--PIC [Building formerly National Hotel and Annex.] North Bloomfield. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:282--PIC [Building formerly National Hotel and Annex.] North Bloomfield. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:283--PIC [From Malakoff Diggins mine.] Malakoff Mine diggings. North Bloomfield. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:284--PIC [From Malakoff Diggins mine.] Malakoff Mine diggings. North Bloomfield. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:285--PIC North Bloomfield. Hydrolic [sic] erosion from Malikoff [i.e. Malakoff] Mine. 1954.


North San Juan

Box 2

North San Juan. Block & Furth Store. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:286--PIC Block & Furth Store. North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:287--PIC [Man with wheelbarrow.] Block & Furth Store. North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:288--PIC [Farm.] North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:289--PIC [Buildings along road.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:290--PIC Simon Furth home. North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:291--PIC [Unidentified residence.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:292--PIC [Unidentified building under tree.] Autumn. North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:293--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:294--PIC Solaro's Hotel. North San Juan. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:295--PIC View from the cemetery. North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:296--PIC [Doorways, ruins of unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:297--PIC [Balcony railing, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:298--PIC [Unidentified buildings.] N. [i.e. North] San Juan. 1934?


BANC PIC 1987.021:299--PIC [Balcony railing, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:300--PIC [Doorway and balcony railing, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:301--PIC [Unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:302--PIC [Corner of unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:303--PIC Hydraulic erosion. Between Nevada City & No. [i.e. North] San Juan. 1939.


Oregon Creek

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:304--PIC Covered Bridge. Oregon Creek. 1954.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:305--PIC Stone & brick bldg. Plymouth. 1947.


Red Dog

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:306--PIC Diggings. Red Dog. 1939.


Rough & Ready

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:307--PIC [Wooden wheel.] Rough & Ready. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:308--PIC Hotel. Rough & Ready. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:309--PIC Fippen's [i.e. Fippin's] Blacksmith Shop. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:310--PIC [Large tree, with barn in distance.] Rough & Ready. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:311--PIC [Barn, with tools.] Rough & Ready. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:312--PIC [Barn, with tools.] Rough & Ready. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:313--PIC [Side of wooden house.] Rough & Ready. 1946.


San Andreas

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:314--PIC Farm near San Andreas. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:315--PIC [Unidentified residence.] San Andreas. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:316--PIC Meat Market. San Andreas. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:317--PIC Meat Market. San Andreas. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:318--PIC J. Banque Store. San Andreas. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:319--PIC [Bridge.] San Andreas. 1934.


Second Garotte

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:320--PIC Hangman's Tree. Second Garotte. 1951.


BANC PIC 1987.021:321--PIC Bret Harte Cabin. Second Garotte. 1951.


BANC PIC 1987.021:322--PIC Hangman's Tree. Second Garotte. 1951.


BANC PIC 1987.021:323--PIC [Unidentified stone and brick building.] Second Garotte? [Or possibly Camptonville?] 1951.


Shingle Springs

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:324--PIC [Ruins of unidentified stone building.] Shingle Springs. 1949.


Sierra City

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:325--PIC Sierra City. Busch Bldg. 1937.


BANC PIC 1987.021:326--PIC Busch Bldg. Sierra City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:327--PIC Busch Bldg. Sierra City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:328--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Sierra City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:329--PIC [Ruins of stone building.] Sierra City. 1947.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:330--PIC [Church.] Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:331--PIC [Church.] Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:332--PIC [Church.] Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:333--PIC Empire Ranch Barn. Near Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:334--PIC St. James Church. Sonora. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:335--PIC St. James Church. Sonora. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:336--PIC Second hand store. Sonora. 1940.


Sutter Creek

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:337--PIC Church. Sutter Creek. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:338--PIC Cemetery. Sutter Creek. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:339--PIC [Man painting barn.] Sutter Creek. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:340--PIC Monteverd's [i.e. Monteverde's] Store. Sutter Creek. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:341--PIC Main Street. Sutter Creek. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:342--PIC Main Street. Sutter Creek. 1939.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:343--PIC Stewart Bros. Store. Timbuctoo. 1932.


BANC PIC 1987.021:344--PIC Stewart Bros. Store. Timbuctoo. 1934.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:345--PIC Tuttletown Hotel. 1947.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:346--PIC Oak Tree with Miner's Bell. Vallecito. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:347--PIC Church. Vallecito. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:348--PIC [Unidentified building.] Vallecito. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:349--PIC [Unidentified building.] Vallecito. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:350--PIC [Ruins of unidentified building.] Vallecito. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:351--PIC [Former Dinkelspiel's Store. Vallecito. McGall's Center and old Wells Fargo Bank building] 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:352--PIC [Former Dinkelspiel's Store. Vallecito. McGall's Center and old Wells Fargo Bank building] 1938.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:353--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] Volcano. 1956.


BANC PIC 1987.021:354--PIC [Unidentified building.] Volcano. n.d.


BANC PIC 1987.021:355--PIC Jail. Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:356--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:357--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. & Masonic Bldg. Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:358--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Volcano. 1936?


BANC PIC 1987.021:359--PIC Volcano. I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:360--PIC Sibley's Brewery. Volcano. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:361--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:362--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1957. [Entrance.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:363--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:364--PIC [Porch, St. George Hotel.] Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:365--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:366--PIC Gen. Mdse. [i.e. General Merchandise] Store & Wells Fargo. [Ruins.] Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:367--PIC [Unidentified building.] Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:368--PIC [Ruins of General Merchandise Store and Wells Fargo office? Cf. No. 366.] Volcano. 1957.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:369--PIC Stone Bldg. Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:370--PIC Little School? Church? Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:371--PIC Stone store w. gas pump. Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:372--PIC Hotel. Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:373--PIC [Washington Hotel.] Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.