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Abercromby (James) Papers

Originals or copies: Letters, reports, returns, memorials, etc., addressed to Major General Aberoromby, are originals. Papers emanating from the commander in chief are, almost without exception, office copies written by secretaries.

Adams (Thomas) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence written by and to lawyer Thomas Adams of Alnwick, England. There are also a few account books, notes, and drafts of articles of agreement regarding land in Northumberland, England.

Akins (Zoë) Papers

Personal and professional papers of American writer Zoë Akins.

American Dredging Company incoming correspondence

The incoming correspondence of the American Dredging Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Amis (Kingsley) Papers

Manuscripts: The bulk and the strength of the Collection consist of drafts of novels, short stories, poems, essays and television and radio scripts by Kingsley Amis, many heavily corrected. Also included are individual manuscript pieces by Martin Amis, Sir John...

Anderson Family Papers?

The collection contains primarily letters and some manuscripts concerning William Marshall Anderson and Anderson family. It covers family affairs, legal practices and business affairs of William Marshall Anderson, including his involvement in McArthur lawsuit; the Catholic Church and its financial...

Anderson (Richard C.) Papers

The Anderson family, particularly R. C. Anderson, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth and their tour of duty in Colombia. Anderson Senior, his other sons Charles and Robert (of Ft. Sumter fame), and Larz; the Clark and Gwathmey families; real estate...

Anderson (Roy A.) Papers

The Roy A. Anderson Papers, 1909-1995 (10 boxes) document the career and life of Anderson during the second half of the twentieth century, and the early history of Lockheed Corporation from the early 1900s into the 1990s. The collection...

Angelillo (Olindo R.) papers

This collection consists of Olindo R. Angelillo's professional papers.

Arnold (Ralph) Addenda

The collection focuses on correspondence, school records, and ephemera related to Ralph Arnold’s daughter, Winninette Arnold Noyes.

Arnold (Ralph) Collection

Collection of papers, personal and professional, belonging to Ralph Arnold. ...

Austin (Mary Hunter) Collection

The collection consists of the literary and personal papers of American novelist, essayist and political activist Mary Hunter Austin (1868-1943), best known for her portrayals of life in California and New Mexico. It includes correspondence and literary manuscripts by both...

Azusa-Foothill Citrus Company Collection

Four boxes of volumes and documents, arranged as indicated in detailed inventory below. 39 maps in rolls, tied together.

Baade (Wilhelm H.W.) Papers

Baade's papers at present consist in 22 boxes and one large folder. The first 14 boxes (1-14) are 5-inch legal sized Hollinger boxes. The next 5 boxes (15-19) are 5-inch letter sized Hollinger boxes. Box 20 is a flat Hollinger...

Baker, (Obadiah E.) Papers?

Civil War: Military operations of the 2 Cavalry Regiment on the Western front. Camp life of a Civil War soldier: payments, foraging; drills and inspections, picket duty; roads, recreations, hospitals, medical care; doctors and nurses, especially work of Catholic Sisters...

Baldwin Family Papers

Of particular interest are the letters of Elizabeth Whitman to Joel Barlow; the letters of Ruth Barlow; and the extensive series of letters from George William Erving (1769-1850), American diplomat, to Clara Bomford. Erving's letters are perhaps the most substantial...

Ballou (Sylvester A.) Papers

Politics and government in Civil War-era California, ocean travel to and from California in 1865 and 1866, mining in California and Colorado, farm life in Illinois, Ballou family history...

Banning Co. Records Addenda I

The collection consists of business papers and correspondence related to the the Banning Company and its subsidiaries, particularly the Santa Catalina Island Company, as well as personal papers and correspondence created by members of the Banning, Patton, Glassell, Shorb, Thornton,...

Banning Co. Records Addenda II

The collection consists of correspondence, business and financial papers, family notes, bound volumes, and ephemera related to the Banning family and collected by Katharine Stewart Banning.

Barker (Jacob) Papers

Jacob Barker to Joseph Anderson, Comptroller of the Treasury Department. New York, Dec. 15, 1815. ...

Barney (Hiram) Collection

The Barney Collection is divided into three main sections: Business and Political Papers, New York Custom House Papers, and Family Papers. The collection also contains one box of photographs and three boxes of miscellaneous printed materials. (For a complete listing...

Bartholomew and Michel Family Papers

Correspondence between three generations of the Michel and Bartholomew families, ranging from 1847-1913. Both families were highly educated, literate, and interested in politics, which is apparent in many of their writings. Topics covered in the letters include courtships, family relations,...

Bates (Kinzie) Papers?

The collection contains typed transcripts of all the correspondence by Kinzie Bates and his diary. Elizabeth Chumley Bates' 134 page diary, which contains mostly blank pages, includes a three-page chronology of Kinzie Bates' life. The collection also contains a photograph...

Baylies (Francis) Correspondence

The collection consists of a series of 48 letters sent by Francis Baylies to General John E. Wool between 1848 and 1852. Baylies writes extensively, and often scathingly, of antebellum era politics, statesmen, military operations, military leaders, and social...

Beaufort (Francis, Sir) Papers

The Beaufort Collection contains two groups of manuscripts related to him only indirectly. The first consists of travel diaries and correspondence of his daughter Emily Anne, who under her title by marriage of Viscountess Strangford, was very active as a...

Beever (Susanna) Papers?

The papers consist of the following series:...

Bell (James A.) Papers

There are 135 letters written by James to Augusta during the period 1854-October, 1863, and 141 letters from Augusta to him. The content of their letters is limited to themselves and their limited social sphere. James' war letters provide little...

Bernal Family Papers

The chronologically-arranged documents demonstrate the range of legal, financial and real estate-related transactions initiated by or concerning the Bernal family and their associates. Included in this series are legal contracts, mortgages, leases, title deeds, promissory notes, tax receipts, and general...

Bidamon (Lewis C.) Collection

The majority of the collection is made up of the business and legal papers of Lewis Crum Bidamon (125 pieces, 1837-1889), his brother John C. Bidamon (26 pieces, 1840-1850), and his son Charles E. Bidamon (32 pieces, 1892-1941)....

Bierce (Ambrose) Correspondence File

The Ambrose Bierce Correspondence File consists almost entirely of letters written by Bierce between 1871 and 1913.

Bissell (Eleanor) Papers

All of the other items in the collection pertain to relatives. There are 45 letters addressed to Miss Bissell's grandparents and great grandfather, Timothy Mills during the period 1783-1848. Usually the letters are written by other Connecticut residents. The c.103...

Blathwayt (William), Correspondence and documents from the office of

This group of 34 documents consists of correspondence, reports, and accounts primarily accumulated by British civil servant William Blathwayt (1649-1717) between the mid 1670s and 1712 in his capacity as a British government official in such roles as Surveyor and...

Blathwayt (William) Papers

This collection contains 461 pieces of correspondence and documents primarily accumulated by English civil servant William Blathwayt (1649-1717) in his capacity as a British government official in such roles as surveyor and auditor general of plantation revenues and secretary and...

Blathwayt (William) Papers (Addenda)

This collection consists of 195 pieces of business, diplomatic, and personal correspondence and accounts primarily accumulated by English civil servant William Blathwayt (1649-1717) during his service as a clerk in The Hague (1668-1672) and his tour of Europe in 1672,...

Bodie (Calif.) Papers

The collection consists mainly of court and financial records from Bodie, California, as well as some later articles and notes with information on Bodie’s history.

Bouvier (John) Collection

The additional material totals 114 pieces and falls within the dates of the original collection. The materials were a gift of Maurice Wells, 1973....

Bowen (Elizabeth D. C.) Papers

The correspondence primarily concerns publishing arrangements for Elizabeth Bowen's works in progress during the years 1944 to 1946 and contains references to her active wartime writing for the British Council and other agencies....

Bower (Lawrence F.) Collection

Lawrence F. Bower began about 1889 a small collection of autographs, specializing in those of men who had held naval or military commissions (particularly rear-admirals), during the War of 1812 and the Civil War. He wrote personally to many of...

Bowron (Fletcher) Collection

The collection is divided into three main sections. The first consists of carbon copies of Bowron's letters while he was mayor of Los Angeles, personal correspondence (1934-1965), reports, and information on the election campaigns of 1945, 1947, 1949, and 1950....

Bradbury Land Papers

This collection consists of land records associated with the Bradbury family and company developments in the Rancho Azusa de Duarte and the city of Monrovia from the 1850s to the 1930s.

Brinley (Edward, Jr.) Papers

The collection contains 69 letters (primarily between members of the Brinley family and Edward Brinley, Jr.), 18 documents (largely relating the career of Edward Brinley, Jr.), a journal kept by Brinley on board the USS North Carolina, Oct. 1840-May.

Bronson (Anna D.) Collection

The letters in the collection cover the period of Anna (Mason) Bronson's schooling at the Thetford Academy in Vermong and her employment in the cotton mills of Manchester. The letters from Thetford provide an interesting perspective on a situation that...

Brown (Henry B.) Drawings?

The forty-two drawings are arranged according to their five general subjects: California Native Americans (7), California landscapes (24), Mexico (4), Central America (6), and Other (1). Although the exact Indian tribes in Brown's drawings are not known, it is believed...

Bruff (J. Goldsborough) Journal and Drawings

The collection contains Bruff's oversize revised version of his journal (c. 1853) which documents his journey across the plains in 1849 by way of Lassen's Trail.

Buck (Franklin Augustus) Papers

The papers consist primarily of correspondence from 1846-1881 written by Franklin A. Buck to his sister, Mary Sewall Buck Bradley, living in Bucksport, ME. They detail his activities in New York City until early 1849 and then his life in...

Bukowski (Charles) Papers

The materials include drafts of poems, short stories, and monographs by author Charles Bukowksi; correspondence to and from Bukowksi; and ephemera related to Bukowski and his works.

Bunker, (Edward), Jr. Papers

This collection consists of correspondence and papers regarding Edward Bunker, Jr. (1847-1914) and his duties as a Mormon bishop of Bunkerville, Nevada.

Business Women's Legislative Council of California Records

The collection consists of letters and documents which formed a portion of the Business Women's Legislative Council of California's records. The items in the collection pertain to the organization, maintenance and activities of the Council. The records span the years...

Butler (Octavia E.) Correspondence and Photographs

This is a collection of materials compiled by Frances Deutsch Louis, primarily letters from Octavia. E. Butler to Louis, and related photographs.

Butler (Octavia E.) Papers

The collection includes the extensive manuscripts, correspondence, and working materials of author Octavia E. Butler.

Carlile (Richard) Papers

A. Blasphemy and libel trials of: ...

Caswell and Soltwedel Family Collection

Collection of letters and photographs sent from George Emery Caswell to his fiancee Lillian Soltwedel during his army training at Camp Logan, Texas, and while he was serving in Europe during World War I. Also includes letters to Lillian's sister...

Chase-Morley Papers

The collection consists of the correspondence and manuscripts of and related to Manly M. Chase and William R. Morley. The bulk of the papers consist of the personal and business correspondence of Manly M. Chase and Ada M. Morley.

Clarkson (Thomas) Papers

The papers include drafts of Clarkson's letters to the Comte de Mirabeau and others on slavery; several reports and speeches; and letters addressed to Clarkson from persons in the United States and Great Britain regarding anti-slavery activities.

Clay (Henry) Papers

Out - letters addressed by the Secretary of State and his Chief Clerk to foreign ministers, resident in the United States....

Clendenen Family Papers?

Clenenden family correspondence and the 1859 pocket diary kept by Clemens L. Clendenen cover Clendenen family affairs, farming, and property, including and a rift between Hyman Clendenen and his father over the land in Iowa and a homestead grant....

Cobbe (Frances P.) Papers

I. Frances Power Cobbe's work and writings...

Cockerell (Sir Sydney C.) Papers?

The collection contains correspondence and ephemera from and about Sir Sydney Cockerell. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically, and correspondence covers the years 1949-1965. The recipient of these letters is Muriel J. Hughes, an American scholar who met Sir Sydney Cockerell...

Collingwood (Joseph W.) Papers?

Letters, chiefly 1861-1862, from Joseph W. Collingwood to his wife Rebecca. Most letters were written over two or three days. The remarkably detailed and candid letters cover various aspects of the campaigns and battles Peninsular Campaign (March-July, 1862): the siege...

Couts (Cave J.) Papers

The Couts Collection, consisting of some 16,000 pieces, was acquired from Mrs. Ida Richardson in 1958. It contains the personal and business papers of Cave Johnson Couts a (1821-1874) and Cave Johnson Couts b (1856-1943)....

Crotty (Homer D.) papers and addenda

This collection consists primarily of the personal and professional papers of lawyer, philanthropist, and book collector Homer D. Crotty and his wife, Ida Hull Lloyd Crotty.

Cruikshank (George) Papers

The collection consists of 71 letters addressed to George Cruikshank and his wife, Eliza (Widdison) Cruikshank from various correspondents. Many are requests for Cruikshank's presence at temperance society meetings....

Cunningham (Eugene L.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence with friends and other writers of Western lore, such as Eugene Manlove Rhodes and his wife and to General Thomas Cruse, who was with the Army in Arizona during the Indian campaigns and wrote 12 manuscripts...

Daniell (Charles Penniman) Papers

The collection consists of letters and a few photographs related to Daniell's experiences and life in San Francisco (1850-53).

Davies (David W.) Correspondence

This collection primarily contains personal correspondence sent by David William Davies to his wife, Thelma Davies, while working as a librarian and serving in the United States Army Corps during World War II.

Davies (Margaret G.) Papers

--By Paul H. Hardacre...

Del Rio Colony (Llano) Papers?

The collection contains correspondence, documents, minutes, newspaper clippings, photographs, poetry, and printed materials pertaining to the Llano del Rio Colony and its successor, Newllano....

Dick (Philip K.) Papers

The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence from Dick to his publisher, Doubleday and Company, concerning the publication of his novels and stories. Also included are one letter by Ursula K. LeGuin and a few letters by Dick's collaborator...

Dillingham (Walter Francis) Papers and Addenda

Personal and business papers of Walter Francis Dillingham and his father Benjamin Franklin Dillingham of Hawaii.

Dole (George H.) Papers

The collection is made up of two sections, correspondence and essays (both arranged alphabetically by author). The bulk of the collection is by George H. Dole, with almost half of his correspondence to his wife Clara Rowell Dole and several...

Dudley (Thomas H.) Collection

The collection contains newspapers, 6 volumes and 1 box of clippings, miscellaneous printed matter, 19 photographs of Confederate warships....

Dundas (Robert Saunders) Papers

Collection contains correspondence and documents of Robert Saunders Dundas, Viscount Melville, chiefly related to the War of 1812.

Dunham (Theodore) Papers

Papers of physicist, astronomer, and physician Theodore Dunham.

Eaton (William) Papers

The main period covered by these papers is that of 1798 to 1805, relating to the Barbary affairs. The earlier and later items are for the most part of a personal nature. The chronological distribution may be indicated as follows:...

Eckert (Thomas T.) Papers

Professional papers of Thomas T. Eckert, chiefly related to his duties as part of United States Military Telegraph Office during the Civil War.

Edelman (Edmund D.) Papers

The administrative and political papers of Los Angeles County Supervisor Ed Edelman.

Edgerton (Lucile Selk) Papers

The collection consists of Lucile Selk Edgerton's professional papers, including manuscripts of unpublished novels, original sketches, assorted printed magazines, copies of her published novels, California research notes, some printed items, and ephemera.

Edison (Thomas) Collection

The bulk of this collection is made up of historical and modern ephemera related to Thomas Edison. It also contains some of Edison's correspondence, patents, and original and reproduced photographs of Edison and his associates.

El Dorado County Archives?

Inclusive dates: 1850-1906...

Ely (Walter R., Jr.) Papers

The Ely Collection consists of the papers (68 cartons and transfer cases) of United States Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Walter R. Ely, past President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association and prominent Los Angeles attorney. Roughly...

Emerson (Nathaniel B.) Papers?

The papers consist of the following series:...

Empey (William Y.) Papers

Mormon missionary work in Great Britain and the operation of the Perpetual Emigration Fund...

Fall (Albert Bacon) Papers

Archive belonging to Senator Albert Bacon Fall.

Fall (Eliza) Papers

Letters from Eliza Fall to William Henry Harrison, the editor, concerning the publication of her volume, under the pseudonym Mary Maynard. John Ruskin is a frequent subject of discussion in the letters along with several other leading literary figures of...

Farragut (David G.) Papers

David G. Farragut, naval officer, joined the U.S. Navy in 1810 as a midshipman and gained experience in a broad range of service. He was with Commodore David Porter duting the War of 1812, served in the Mediterranean from 1815...

Field (Edwin W.) Papers

Collection of letters from various artists, mostly addressed to Edwin Wilkins Field, with some addressed to his son Walter Field who was also an artist. A few of the letters concern Field's efforts to pass some kind of measure ensuring...

Field (Eugene) Papers

Collection of manuscripts by Eugene Field, mostly autograph copies of his own poems, and letters written by and to Field. Contains a large number of letters from Field to his wife, both before and after they were married, many dating...

Fields (James T.) Papers

The collections consist primarily of letters, as well as poems and manuscripts, from various American and British authors to American editor, publisher, and poet James Thomas Fields (1817-1881), mostly relating to publication of their manuscripts by his firm Ticknor and...

Fields (James T.) Papers Addenda

This collection of papers of American editor, publisher, and poet James Thomas Fields (1817-1881) and his wife, Annie (Adams) Fields (1834-1915), consists of notebooks and loose papers containing their poetry, essays, notes for speeches, a few scattered diary entries, and...

Flanner (Hildegarde) Papers

The collection contains three parts: 1) manuscripts by Hildegarde Flanner (11 poems, 1923-1924, and recollections of Olive Percival, 1983), 2) correspondence with author Olive Percival (120 letters, 1923-1944), and 3) letters to poet Ethel (Hamilton) Hinkle (52 letters, 1923-1953). The...

Flinn Family Correspondence

The collection consists of letters written between various members of the Flinn family between 1847 and 1873. The majority of the letters are addressed to Samuel Flinn from his brothers, nieces, and nephews. Major topics covered in the correspondence...

Forster (John) Papers

The collection deals primarily with the personal life and business dealings of both John Forster and Eliza Ann (Crosbie) Colburn Forster. Includes mostly correspondence to both John and Eliza Forster as well as a number of manuscripts both by and...

Foy Brothers Records

The collection contains 62 volumes and one folder of ephemera for the Foy Brothers saddler and harness business in Los Angeles.

Freeman (Lewis R.) Papers

The collection focuses on Freeman’s travel writings from the early 1900s through the 1950s, and includes unpublished book and article manuscripts, published articles in printed journals, and correspondence with various agents and publishers regarding Freeman’s writing submissions. The collection...

French Clandestine Slave Trade Records

The French Clandestine Slave Trade Papers contain the original French Documents relating to a Negro trade expedition undertaken by the French ship Le Jeune Louis. The trip extended from Nantes to the coast of Nigeria, from there to Havana and...

Galvez (Jose de) papers

The collection consists of letters, documents, and one map (all in Spanish) which are papers assembled in 1794 for the Conde de Revilla Gigedo.

Garland (Hamlin) Papers

Primarily letters written by Garland to Zulime Mauna (Taft) Garland, Mary Isabel (Garland) Johnson Lord, and Constance (Garland) Harper Doyle. The letters chiefly contain biographical information on Garland: his literary activities while on the lecture circuit, books and articles in...

Gerson (Theodore P.) Papers

The personal and business correspondence of Dr. T. Perceval Gerson chiefly for the years 1934-37, which includes letters from conductors, musicians, lecturers on liberal causes, etc. Also 2 sets of newspaper clippings covering the San Francisco Graft Trial of 1907...

Girard (J. B.) Papers

The collection includes Girard's diaries, certificates, military appointments, travel orders, sketchbooks, photographs, passports and newspaper clippings. The sketchbooks contain sketches of western landscapes and European landscapes. The photographs in the collection are of J. B. Girard, his family, and family...

Goodman (John B.) collection

The John B. Goodman collection consists of twenty-nine boxes and two oversize folders concerning the California Gold Rush vessels, California county histories, and miscellaneous ephemera and illustrations.

Graham (Margaret C.) Papers

The collection contains the papers of Margaret (Collier) Graham from the earliest piece written in 1821 by a great-uncle while seeking land to settle in western New York State, a few Civil War soldiers' letters, her own correspondence and that...

Gray (John Alexander) Papers

The collection consists primarily of draft article manuscripts written by John Alexander Gray, a Los Angeles newswriter who drafted articles relating to the Bureau of Power and Light (later the Dept. of Water and Power) and of the history of...

Grinnell (George B.) Papers

Wild life conservation, especially of birds; use of water resources on public lands for irrigation; national parks and the National Parks Association; publications relative to national parks and wild life....

Guernsey Family Papers

The collection is semi-catalogued and arranged alphabetically by author. It contains 1,384 letters, written by 158 different authors, and 33 pieces of ephemera. The collection spans several generations of the Guernsey and Donaldson families. The correspondence centers around Emeline Donaldson...

Hahn (Kenneth) Collection

Administrative, political, and personal papers of LA County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn

Hall (Peirson M.) papers

This collection consists of Judge Peirson M. Hall's personal and professional papers.

Halleck, Peachy & Billings Collection

The major part of the collection consists of legal documents written chiefly by Henry W. Halleck relating to the California Land Cases-copies of land titles, drafts of briefs, and opinions used in establishing the legal titles of some 36 different...

Hamblin (Jacob) Collection

The Jacob Hamblin Collection contains primarily correspondence to and about Jacob Hamblin. Two of Hamblin's journals, as well as photographs and ephemera, complete the library's holdings. The collection provides information about Hamblin's missions to the Indians, early settlement in southern...

Hamilton-Greville Collection

The collection consists of correspondence between Sir William Hamilton and Charles Francis Greville.

Haruf (Kent) Papers

This collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and ephemera by and about American author Kent Haruf.

Hastings Family Paper

Family, estate, and manorial papers of the Hastings family.

Hawkins (Willis M.) Papers

The Willis M. Hawkins Papers, 1920-2009 (80 boxes) document the successful aerospace engineering career of Hawkins at Lockheed, the relationships between industry, military, and government, and the development of airplanes, missile systems, and space vehicles during the second half of...

Henry Green papers

This collection contains the professional papers of Henry Green (1801-1873) from 1865-1873 whose mission was to catalogue and document the editions written or mentioned about the works of Andrea Alciati that he had ascertained to exist, whether written by Andrea...

Hertrich (William) Papers

Development of San Marino ranch and the Huntington Botanical Gardens; construction of the Huntington residence and of the Huntington Library; city of San Marino, California. Articles relative to botanical gardens and specific species....

Hibbs (Albert R.) Papers

The Albert R. Hibbs Papers, 1884-2009 (80 boxes) document the personal life and career of Hibbs as a manager and scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the relationships between JPL, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and...

Hill (Edwin B.) Papers

The collection deals primarily with Hill's activities as a private printer, as a founder of the Frank Holme Memorial Group, and as a collector of books and manuscripts. There are also materials by and about Holme, collected by Hill and...

Hill (Irving) papers

This collection consists of Judge Irving Hill's personal and professional papers.

Hong family papers

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of You Chung Hong, Mabel Hong, Nowland C. Hong, and Roger S. Hong.

Hong family papers addenda (1)

This collection contains the papers of You Chung Hong, Mabel Hong, Nowland C. Hong, and Roger S. Hong.

Houghton (Eliza P. D.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, notebooks, manuscripts, land tracts, scrapbooks, cartes-de-visites and ephemera. Although the majority of the material in the collection deals with the Donner Party, several items written by Eliza Poor Donner Houghton deal with California history. These items...

Humason (Milton L.) Papers

The Humason papers have been arranged, with only minor changes, according to the manner in which they had been found in the attic of the Carnegie Observatories. The correspondence covers the years 1930-1952. It contains both incoming and carbons of...

Hunt (Myron H.) Collection

The most important subject is the life and architectural work of Myron Hunt, but quantitatively, the collection is weighted toward the story of Pasadena from 1903 to 1946. The papers are divided into four very divergent sub-groups...

Huntington Family File?

Ebenezer Huntington's letters to Jabez and Andrew Huntington describe his experience in the Revolutionary War and his political and social activities in the 1810-1830's....

Huntington (Henry E.) Collection

Personal and business papers of Henry Edwards Huntington, including Huntington family correspondence, Holladay family papers, and business correspondence and papers relative to railroads and street railways, real estate, mainly in Southern California, Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens, Newport...

Hutton (James D.) Drawings

James D. Hutton prepared these drawings while with William F. Reynolds' expedition.

International railroad collection

The collection consists of letters, documents and drawings pertaining to various railroads, particularly those in Australia and Great Britain.

Isherwood (Christopher) Papers

Collection contains the correspondence and manuscripts of British-American writer Christopher Isherwood.

Izmirian (Albert A.) Appraisal Reports

The collection contains property appraisal reports created and collected by Albert A. Izmirian. The appraisal reports include typed appraisals, handwritten notes, photographs, maps, and other data referring to various properties throughout the Los Angeles area. .

Jacks (David) Collection

Includes personal and business papers belonging to David Jacks and the David Jacks Corporation presented to the Huntington Library by his daughter, Margaret Anna Jacks, April, 1958...

Jackson (Leroy F.) Papers?

The papers consist of the following series:...

Janin Family Collection

The extended Blair-Janin-Jesup-Croghan family came to include numerous relatives in all parts of the U. S., many of them in frequent contact with each other. Most of the collection falls between 1850-1930; the earlier pieces are mainly land papers from...

Janin (Louis) Papers

Freiberg Mining Academy (1859-1860), mining and milling techniques, mining operations in the trans-Mississippi West (1861-1889), in Japan (1872-1873) and in Mexico (1876-1879, 1880, 1887-1889), Louis Janin's business and financial affairs, Janin family matters including Santa Ynez (Calif.) ranch...

Jarman Family Papers

The collection primarily consists of correspondence related to the Jarman family, Mormon converts who immigrated from England to Utah in the 1860s. It includes statements by Maria Bidgood Jarman Ford Barnes regarding her divorce from her abusive, polygamous first...

Jayhawkers of '49 collection?

Inclusive dates: 1849-1952...

Jefferson (Thomas) Papers

Thomas Jefferson's private life...

Johnson County War collection

The collection consists of primary and secondary source material on the Johnson County War of 1892, focusing on and around the town of Buffalo. It includes manuscripts related to the Johnson County invasion, alleged cattle rustling, the death of George...

Johnson (Parish B.) Papers

Diary and correspondence of Captain Parish Barhydt Johnson, Western newspaper publisher, covering a trip from Wilmington, California to Tucson, Arizona during his time in the United States Army, as well as newspaper matters.

Jones (Harford) Collection

Collection chiefly consists of correspondence between Sir Harford Jones, Henry Dundas, first Viscount Melville, and Robert Dundas second Viscount Melville. The collection spans Jones's time in the Persian court.

Judson-Fairbanks Papers?

The collection consists of 36 single-item cataloged letters, 23 of which deal with the Judson Family, while the remaining 13 have to do with the Civil War. In addition, there are 5 letters, 5 bills and receipts, and 1 broadside...

Karpinski (Louis C.) Collection

Maps related to American history before 1800...

Katano Family Papesrs

The majority of the collection consists of correspondence sent to the Katano family while they were interred at the Manzanar War Relocation Center from 1942 to 1945. Many of the letters were sent to Tomeko Dorothy Katano, who was...

Keller (Henry W.) Papers

Land in California and Mexico; California agriculture (especially prunes and rice); American interests in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution; mining in Mexico (mainly Sonora)...

Keller (Matthew) Papers

Los Angeles from 1850 to 1880, particularly with deeds and land papers for the Los Angeles area (a few of these relating to petroleum development); the wine industry; photographs of the Los Angeles area at the turn of the century;...

Kelly (Frances M.)?

The correspondence in this collection deals with the social obligations and other concerns of an established actress in the 19 century Great Britain. Frances Maria Kelly corresponded with Dukes and Countesses as well as actresses and writers. This collection also...

Kimball (Thomas Lord) Papers

The collection consists of the personal and business papers of Thomas Lord Kimball and is primarily focused on his activities with the Union Pacific Railroad.

King (Rufus) Papers

U.S. foreign relations, as shown in letters and dispatches addressed to Rufus King while American minister in London....

Kirby (Edmund) Papers

The collection consists of correspondence by Edmund Kirby. There are a few letters written to him as well as correspondence by other Kirby family members.

Lake (Stuart N.) Papers

The collection contains correspondence, film and television scripts, articles, and photographs related to the writings and interests of Stuart Lake.

Leigh Family Papers

The Leigh family papers is a collection of letters, poems and manuscripts of six generations of the Leigh family of Adlestrop mainly concerning family matters and the society in which they lived.

London (Jack) Papers

The collection includes literary manuscripts of most of London's works, extensive correspondence files, documents, photographs, ephemera, and scrapbooks.

Long (Helen P.) Collection

The collection consists mainly of the original correspondence (1839-1869) to and from José Matías Moreno, with the bulk of it coming in the 1850s and 1860s when Moreno was an important agent, merchant, and political figure in San Diego and...

Los Angeles County Assessor's Road Maps

Collection of maps surveyed for the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office between 1860 and 1897. The maps primarily focus on excavations, improvements, and expansions of roads throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties. Most of the maps show boundary...

Los Angeles Flower Festival Society Records

The records include correspondence, festival and fair programs, newspaper clippings, photographs, a notebook, a list of donations, and other documents about the Flower Festival Society.

Los Angeles Land Papers

These papers document the transfer of land during the first few decades of American ownership of Los Angeles, California. This collection consists of the original documents certifying the sale, purchase, pre-emption, or surveying of land by sheriffs, clerks, notary...

Los Angeles Times Records

Originally maintained as the Los Angeles Times History Center, the Los Angeles Times Records contains documents and objects related to the business life of the Los Angeles Times and its owners - both corporate and personal.

Loudoun papers : Americana

The personal and official papers of John Campbell, 4th Earl of Loudoun (1705-1782): commander-in-chief of British forces in America during the Seven Years War and Indian War and titular governor of Virginia. Also, the personal and official papers of Pierre...

Loughran (Joseph C.) Collection

The collection consists of correspondence, essays, bibliographical notes, bound volumes, and ephemera either pertaining to or collected by Joseph C. Loughran. The majority of the items relate to Utah history from the 1860s to the 1940s and focus on Weber...

MacMonnies (Alice Jones) Papers

The collection mainly consists of incoming correspondence to Alice Jones MacMonnies and Frederick MacMonnies from Alice's mother, Georgina Sullivan Jones. Georgina's diary from an 1896 European tour and a variety of photographs of Alice, her sisters, and Frederick MacMonnies are...

Macneil (Sayre) Papers

The Sayre Macneil papers contain papers in three areas of interest: 1) the pioneer Argüello family (1875-1957), the Argüello family estate and claims before the American Mexican Claims Commission involving the Argüello Properties in and near Tijuana. 2) Alfred Henry...

Markham (Henry H.) Papers

These papers deal mainly with the politics of the period, but include many from his files, dealing with mining and his other business interests. The following subjects are of particular interest and importance:...

Mathers (J. H.) Papers

J. H. "Harry" Mathers was a surveyor for railroad and mining companies in the American west (primarily California) and Baja California. The collection is composed entirely of correspondence between various members of the Mathers family.

Mayo (C.H.) papers

The collection consists primarily of letters, most of which were written by C. H. (Clarence Hastings) Mayo to his family back home in Warwick, Massachusetts.

McAdoo (William G.) Papers

The earlier materials are letters to and from William Gibbs McAdoo's grandfather, Charles R. Floyd. Much of the McAdoo correspondence deals with his public appearances and engagements as a United States senator and also his attempt at reelection in 1938....

Meigs (Montgomery) Papers

The majority of the collection consists of correspondence sent by Montgomery Meigs (1847-1931) to his parents, Montgomery Cunningham Meigs and Louisa Rodgers Meigs, while he worked as an engineer on the Northern Pacific Railroad in Minnesota and the Dakota...

Mendell (George H.) Correspondence

Collection of letters from George H. Mendell to D.D. Clarke - who was Engineer of the Water Board for Portland, Oregon – written between 1897 and 1899. Mendell writes detailed letters of instruction and advice for engineering issues raised by...

Mexican Inquisition Papers

Original records of 93 trials from the archives of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Mexico.

Miller (Joan L.) Papers

The collection is a valuable resource for research on Jack London, on Joan (London) Miller and on the labor movement in California. There are just two gaps in the collection: the letters from Jack London to Joan (London) Miller, which...

Miller (Loren) Papers

This collection consists of the personal and professional papers ofjournalist, civil rights activist, attorney and judge Loren Miller (1903-1967).

Miner (Alexander D.) correspondence

The correspondence of Alexander Douglas Miner consists almost entirely of letters sent by Miner addressed to his daughter, Martha Matilda Miner, a college student attending Oberlin College in Ohio.

Montagu (Elizabeth Robinson) Papers

Papers of Elizabeth Montagu, chiefly letters, with some manuscripts.

Morris (Samuel Brooks) Papers

The Samuel Brooks Morris Papers are items collected by Samuel Morris during his long career as a civil engineer specializing in water issues. Morris spent most of his life in Southern California and was particularly active with the Pasadena Water...

Muir Family Papers

This collection, which is arranged alphabetically by author, is made up of correspondence and ephemera from John Muir and his family. The family members represented in the collection are John Muir, his parents, his seven siblings, two of his sisters-in-law...

Nicoll Family Papers

The collection numbers 119 pieces of letters and manuscripts and 150 pieces of photographs and ephemera. It has been fully cataloged and available for research. ...

Nordhoff (Charles B.) Papers

This collection was acquired as a gift from Mrs. L.G.W. Nordhoff in June 1983. Acquisition number 1043. The collection consists of 943 items in 103 folders, contained in eight boxes. The collection prefix is "NC".

North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Co. Records

Hydraulic mining in California...

Nye (John A.) Papers

Group of correspondence, business records, military records, and essays assembled by John A. Nye of Unadilla, New York.

Oddie (Tasker L.) Collection

The collection consists mainly of correspondence from the period 1910-1914, beginning when Oddie initiated his campaign for governor, and ending when he was about to terminate his administration. This correspondence is arranged in 19 boxes, in alphabetical order by author,...

Ojai Festivals, Ltd. Collection

Collection of papers pertaining to Ojai Festivals, Ltd., 1946-1953, presented to the Huntington Library by Mr. and Mrs. John Bauer.

Orcutt (Charles Russell) Papers

The papers consist of the correspondence of botanist Charles Russell Orcutt. There are a few documents and manuscripts and six pieces of ephemera

Orena family papers

This collection includes documents, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and ephemera of the Orena family.

Overland Mail Collection

Personal correspondence and business papers dealing with the development of overland mail service to the West, predominantly for the years preceding the establishment of the railroad....

Owen (Albert K.) Papers

The rise and fall of one of the utopian colonies so popular toward the end of the nineteenth century, and the development of railroads in Mexico under Porfirio Díaz....

Palmer (William) papers

This collection consists of documents for the United Verde Copper Company, Clarkdale, Arizona, the Columbia Graphophone Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut, and the Tioga Mining Company, Mono County, California.

Park (Alice) papers

The collection contains chiefly correspondence in addition to some documents and manuscripts related to Park family matters and Alice Park's reform interests, particularly women's rights.

Patton Family Papers

The collection consists of personal and business correspondence, political papers, account books, legal documents, and land papers related to the Patton family, and is particularly focused on the activities of George Smith Patton (1856-1927). Topics covered include railroads, Patton’s senate...

Pease (Lute) Collection

Mining and settlement in 1860s Nevada, prospecting and settlement in the Yukon Territory and Alaska 1897-1901, West Coast literary magazines in the early twentieth century, Pease family history...

Pettee (William H.) Papers

The collection falls into four main groupings:...

Pope (Alexander) Papers

The collection contains the papers and administrative files of lawyer and Los Angeles County Assessor, Alexander Hillhouse Pope.

Rhodes (Eugene Manlove) Papers

The collection contains literary manuscripts, family papers, business papers, correspondence, clippings and photographs by or related to Eugene Manlove Rhodes.

Rich (Ben R.) Papers

The collection contains approximately 1,000 items and has been organized by subject, although some subjects can be found throughout the collection. Chronological coverage is from the 1950s to 1990s; much material is from the 1980s and early 1990s, save for...

Ritch (William G.) Collection

The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, documents, and maps in both English and Spanish related to the history of early and territorial New Mexico collected by William G. Ritch. The very early portion of the collection (1539-1700) contains original manuscripts, contemporary...

Rix Family Correspondence

Correspondence to Sarah Rix of Connecticut from various family members, including her brother Charles Allen Rix in Dunlap, Iowa. Charles' correspondence, as well as that of his nephew George Tracy Rix, describes life in Iowa from 1870-1903. Other letters in...

Roeser (Frederick) Collection

Metallurgy, metallurgical plant construction and design, mining engineering...

Rogers (Warren Lee) Papers

This collection contains the papers of Warren Lee Rogers, which focus on the world of outdoor recreation, education and camping, and the creation of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Rolle (Andrew F.) Papers

Correspondence related to the academic career and writings of Andrew F. Rolle. Includes copies of outgoing correspondence from Rolle and incoming letters from colleagues, including Ray Allen Billington, Louis B. Wright, and K. Ross Toole. The letters focus on...

Russell (Mary A.) Papers

The collection includes almost all of Elizabeth's journals between 1896-1941. These journals entail day-to-day activities, a record of visitors, and occasional reflections. There is also a typewritten copy of the journals which has many attached letters written to her family....

San Francisco Committee of Vigilance Records

Letters and documents related to the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1856.

San Rafael Ranch Records and Addenda

The collection consists of letters, documents, maps, and 14 bound volumes related to the business affairs of Conway S. Campbell-Johnston and A. Campbell-Johnston, the sons of Alexander Robert Campbell-Johnston. The addenda consists of additional Campbell-Johnson estate papers, as well...

Santa Clara Land Papers

A collection of legal records and maps dealing with the estates and land deals in Santa Clara County in the mid-19th century.

Savage (W.S.) Collection

W. Sherman Savage (March 7, 1890-May 23, 1980) remained deeply involved in education throughout his adult life, both as a teacher and as a scholar. Born in Wattsville, Accomac County, Virginia, Savage received a bachelor's degree from Howard University in...

Severance (Caroline Maria Seymour) Papers

There are 631 manuscripts, 525 of which are by Caroline Severance. These include speeches, poetry, essays, articles, notebooks, commonplace books, miscellaneous notes, and a 347-page unpublished autobiography by Caroline Severance entitled "Own Story." The majority of the 10,634 pieces of...

Simkins (Eldred J.) Collection

The majority of the collection, which is arranged chronologically, consists of the correspondence of the Eldred J. Simkins family and their close relatives. Subjects covered include the gold rush and life in Mariposa County, Calif., in the 1850's and 70's,...

Smith (Jack) Papers

This collection consists of the personal and professional papers of author and columnist Jack Smith (1916-1996).

South Riverside Land and Water Company records

This collection consists of records concerning the development and business of the South Riverside Land and Water Company.

Southern California Edison Records

A selection of corporate records created by Southern California Edison (SCE), an electric utility founded in 1886. The collection also includes smaller collections created by employees of SCE and materials used in the process of writing the official history of...

SP de Mexico Collection

The collection consists of 23 boxes and one large bound minute book. These materials -consisting primarily of correspondence but also including maps, news clippings, photographs, and blueprints -are arranged and bound by topic according to the Southern Pacific's internal organizational...

Sphinx Ranch journals

The first section of the collection consists of 43 volumes. The other items in this collection are: miscellaneous account/financial books, a volume containing the By-Laws, meeting minutes, etc., of the William Allen Estate Company, two family diaries from the 16th...

Stanton (Philip Ackley) Papers

The collection consists of papers related to the political, business and personal life of Philip A. Stanton. The papers span the years from 1909 to 1929. Grouped into folders by document type, the folders are in alphabetical order and...

Starkweather Family Papers

Correspondence between a family in Northampton, Massachusetts, and the four members who went to California during the Gold Rush period. The first one to go was Charles Graves Starkweather (1819-1906). He was an officer in the Holyoke Company and left...

Stearns (Abel) Papers

Professional and personal papers of Abel Stearns, including corresondence, business records, legal documents, and other manuscripts.

Stearns (Abel) Papers Addenda 1

Correspondence of Abel Stearns, chiefly letters addressed to him, relating to his early business affairs.

Stearns (Abel) Papers Addenda 2

The Abel Stearns Papers: Addenda II, comprises of personal and business correspondence of Abel Stearns.

Stevens (Milton B.) Correspondence

Milton B. Stevens is the most prolific figure in this collection, as he wrote fifteen of the letters in the collection and was the addressee of twenty. There are, however, twenty-five other authors in these letters, including four women, two...

Stevens (Wallace) Oral History Collection

The oral history tapes and transcriptions, together with the correspondence, that make up this collection were created by Peter A. Brazeau during the course of his research for his oral history biography of Wallace Stevens: (New York: Random House, 1983)....

Stoneman Family Papers

The documents reveal the range of legal, financial, and estate-related transactions initiated by or concerning the Stoneman family and their associates. Included in this series are legal agreements, banking statements, inventories of the Stoneman's estate, and general financial records. The...

Stowe Papers

The collection consists of the papers of the Grenville, Temple, Nugent, and Brydges families.

Sunset Club Archives

The collection consists of the business records of the Sunset Club of Los Angeles from its inception in 1895, and currently updated through 2010.

Sweeny (Thomas W.)

Mexican War of 1845-1848; Fort Yuma; Sioux expedition, Nebraska Territory (Fort Pierre, S.D.); Civil War: Southwest Missouri, Georgia, battles of Shiloh and Corinth; Sweeny family genealogy....

Swope (Henrietta H.) Papers

The Swope Papers have not yet been fully organized. The correspondence has been grouped together alphabetically by correspondent. The arrangement of her astronomical working papers, however, mirrors that of the collection when it was obtained by the Huntington. The folder...

Toulmin Estate papers

This collection consists of records concerning the planning and distribution of Alice Larkin Toulmin’s Estate.

Uhrich (Alfred W.) papers

This collection consists of Alfred W. Uhrich's professional papers.

Watkins, (Louise Ward) Papers

The collection consists of letters, manuscripts (including 23 diaries, 1915-74), documents, 17 scrapbooks, and photographs related to the life and interests of Louise Ward Watkins.

Waugh (Evelyn) Papers

The Evelyn Waugh Papers is a collection of literary manuscripts, business and personal correspondence and ephemera by and about the British writer Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966).

Waugh (Grace F.) correspondence

The family correspondence of Grace Fraser Waugh consists almost entirely of letters sent by Grace addressed to her younger sister, Alice Fraser Scott "Babe"/"Boo" and her husband, Frank A. Scott

Webster (Samuel Derrick) Collection

The personal papers belonging to Samuel Derrick Webster, Civil War soldier and Indian Agent, and Joseph Witherspoon Cook, missionary to the Yankton Sioux

Wells, Fargo & Company Records

The collection consists mainly of letters to and from Hosmer Benjamin Parsons (1846-1908) who joined the company in 1867 and successively held the positions of cashier, assistant secretary, vice-president and president of the company bank in New York. The papers...

Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee Papers

Collected incoming correspondence to the Los Angeles law firm of Wells, Van Dyke, and Lee, which existed from 1885-1887.

Wheeler (Nathaniel) correspondence

This collection consists of 76 letters, the majority addressed to Nathaniel S. Wheeler at various "Wild West" duty posts such as Fort Bliss, Texas and Fort Craig, New Mexico.

Whiting (Billington C.) Papers

The collection contains Whiting's letters written to his wife during his overland journey to California in 1849 and his early years in California; some memoirs written by Susan Helen (Colegrove) Whiting about her early years in California; a few military...

Williams (Helen Carhart) Papers

Collection of letters written to Helen Carhart Williams from her childhood until middle age. The letters describe the writers' lives as they attended high school and college, began their careers, and in many cases got married and moved out of...

Willis (Bailey) Papers

All incoming letters are originals and in good condition; letters from Bailey Willis to his family are originals but many have been cut with portions extracted and many have pages missing; the outgoing letters of Bailey Willis (other than to...

Wilson (Benjamin Davis) Collection

Collected business and personal correspondence relating to southern California landowner Benjamin Davis Wilson and his family. The collection also includes account books, diaries (kept by Wilson's wife Margaret and their daughters Annie and Ruth), and assorted ephemera. The Shorb and...

Winter (Una Richardson) Winters papers

The collection consists of letters and manuscripts related to Una Winter's efforts in gathering material for the Susan B. Anthony Memorial Committee

Wood (Henry Ellsworth) Papers

The collection spans several generations of the Wood family, focusing on the personal life and business activities of Henry Ellsworth Wood. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, including some 300 pieces from Henry Ellsworth Wood to his wife,...

Woolf (Leonard S.) Papers

Letters from Woolf to Saxon Arnold Sydney-Turner, a college roommate and friend and one of the group of "Apostles" at Cambridge. The letters tell of Woolf's activities and projects while on vacation from Cambridge, of his life as a Civil...

Young (Kimball) Papers

This collection consists of typescripts of interview and diaries collected by Kimball Young (1893-1972) in regard to his reasearch into the Mormon practice of polygamy.